Problems Autosaving Winamp Playlist?

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    Recently, some readers have encountered a bug with saving the Winamp playlist. This problem can occur for several reasons. Now we will discuss them. To create a playlist in Winamp, select the Library tab, right-click Playlists, and select New Playlist. Name the playlist and select OK.To provide songs, double-click Local Library and select Audio. Click and drag songs to display the playlist in the available area.To save the playlist, choose File > Save Playlist.

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    Winamp automatically saves and opens the last playlist you used when you exited. If they want to keep a specific playlist, clients do so using the alternative”List” in the lower right corner of the corresponding playlist panel. Then click Information Technology, Save. Enter your own image name in the Save window in the Save section. You can do this because there are as many different playlists as most people need, each with their own playlist filename.

    To open this saved playlist, click “List” again in Winamp’s flexible solar panel of the playlist, then click “Load” and select the desired playlist.


    To Download A Winamp Playlist

    How do I save a Winamp playlist?

    Open the File menu and click Save Playlist. The Save Playlist dialog box opens.Choose the best folder for your playlist.In the File name field, enter a name for the playlist.From the File Type drop-down list, select M3U Playlist or PLS Playlist.Click “Save” to save your amazing playlist.

    save winamp playlist

    Winamp Music Playlist Files

    AmoK playlist copy

    If you want to open a good playlist created with Winamp in another program, save it. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. You can run the playlist in Winamp and see if it selected. B. Play the song you selected from the list.
    2. Click File in the Winamp list bar and then Save to Playlist (or Ctrl+S).
    3. Now enter the path where you want to save the target playlist. Also provide a file name and also select your preferred file type. Here you can choose between pls m3u and m3u8 (unicode). Finally, fully press the “Save” button.

    cara save playlist winamp

    Alternatively, you can run the freeware “AmoK Playlist Copy” to export your Winamp playlist. The tool can copy your playlist to another location using real music files.

    1. Download “AmoK Playlist Copy” and extract or install this tool.
    2. Launch all programs and make sure Winamp is running in the background and the correct playlist is selected.
    3. In our custom AmoK Playlist Copy menu bar, click Add and then Import Playlist from Active Winamp. You can also choose an awesome playlist from an empty hard drive in the “Playlist” section.
    4. If you want, you can rearrange the order of the movies or remove individual ones. heads.
    5. Select “Copy” from the list, then select the desired output option. With “Copy files and playlist” you can send MP3 files with a new playlist to the directory in the current selection.

    You can play your music in Winamp without annoying jerks with mine

    Enable Crossfade

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