Error 5.5.0 Troubleshooting

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    Over the past few weeks, several of our readers have reported bug 5.5.0. When emails are rejected for the 550 SMTP error (also known as SMTP 5.5.0 error), it usually means that the message cannot be delivered because the mailbox is no longer available. This is almost always a new problem with the receiving mail server and never a problem with my sending client.

    Message Not Delivered: The Subject Of Your Mail Server Is Unknown

    MessageThese could not be delivered easily because the sender’s mail server had an unknown design problem and was unable to properly route your current message.


    Check the recipient’s email address to make sure it is correct and try resending the frequency.

    If that doesn’t work, see if you’re contacting the recipient (s) through different email addresses or otherwise.

    5.5 Official 7: Definition

    What does this mean 5.1 1 bad destination email address reject?

    Error code 5.1. 1 is caused by issues with each MX resource record for the recipient domain. For example, the MX file might point to an old mailer server, or the MX record might be ambiguous due to a change in owner configuration.

    [RFC3463] (Standards Track) from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Determining the characteristics of codes starting in combination with 5.X.X:

    A permanent error is an error that is unlikely to be resolved by returning the message in its current form. Change anything to the point where you need to formulate a goal for successful implementation.

    [RFC3463] (Standards Track) based on the Internet Engineering Force (IETF) role definition for codes defined in X.5. Was 0:

    Something is wrong with their protocol, which is necessary to pass the idea to the next transition, and each of our problems cannot be expressed well, as well as about whoother summary codes provided.

    Your Web Browser, Explorer) (The Internet literally looks a little retro. Try an Internet connection for the best Zoho Desk experience.

    Error / Status Code


    Address 5.0.0 does not exist

    Invalid email id doesn’t exist either

    5.1.0 Other conditions overcome

    Failed to deliver this message to the specified email address.

    5.1.1 Invalid target mailbox address

    Specifying a postal address or domain mailbox not (all ‘@’) after.

    5.1.2 Invalid system address of the target computer

    Address does not exist or cannot receive emails

    5.1.3 Bad Stations Mailbox Address Syntax

    Invalid or corrupted using unique email address

    5.1.4 Undefined target mailbox addresses

    Check the spelling of the address information resubmit it

    5.1.5 Handle invalid target mailbox

    The email address may be invalid or contain spelling errors.

    Mailbox 5.1.6 can be moved

    The mailbox will be moved to the new purchase location

    5.1. Incorrect sender mailbox address syntax

    Sender street is syntactically incorrect

    5.1.8 Invalid system address of the sender computer

    The sender system in the address does not exist or cannot be accepted.

    What is 5. 1 0 address rejected?

    1. Email error 550 5.1. 0 address rejected. This error message means that the primary recipient server is not accepting emails from you.

    5.2.0 Other or undefined postal status

    This error is usually returned for which it probably has a class (e.g. 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx).

    5.2.1 Mailbox is disabled, messages are not received

    What does it mean Recipient address rejected?

    Recipient address ended your message: This is an error generated by the spam filter currently in use on the recipient’s domain where your message was found and marked as spam. You will need to verify the recipient to add yourself to the whitelist.

    Mandatory mail forwarding needs some changes

    5.2.2 Mailbox Full

    Try increasing the capacity of your email inbox

    5.2.3 Length of the exceeded messagelimits the desktop.

    Your email has reached its size limit. Delete too much text.

    5.2.4 Issue with mailing list expansion

    A mailbox stores the specific email address you send emails to, or emails that have a problem storing those email addresses.

    error 5.5.0

    5.3.0 System status is different or not detected by email

    Mail is usually accepted

    5.3.1 Complete Messaging Technology

    Customer email cannot receive email

    5.3.2 System does not record any network messages

    You must add the webmail address to your administrator as it will be blocked.

    5.3.3 The system is incompatible with the selected features

    5.3.4 The message is too large due to the system

    Message character exceeded limit

    5.4.0 Other or undefined navigation or network status

    Mail routing accepted status is not actually available

    5.4.1 No response from host

    Server receiver configuration problem. You can redistribute it as soon as the problem with the recipient is resolved

    5.4.2 Bad connection

    Unable to connect or delayed

    5.4.3 Routing Web Server Failure

    The error is generated by the sender’s server. You must contact the respective Internet Service Provider / ESP.

    5.4. Routing not possible

    If the specified email address or host ID is not valid.

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  • 5.4.5 Network congestion

    Multiple when connecting separate channels.

    5.4.6 Routing Trap Detected

    After sending a message to the same PMTA.

    5.4.7 Delivery time expired

    Mail is queued for 2-3 days, after which it is deleted by current messages

    5 above. 5.0 Other or undefined status method

    A log error occurred even while delivering an item E-mails that may have been expressed by a different status code.

    5.5.1 command

    Invalid sequence or unsupported reception when sending emails

    5.5.2 Error syntax

    The command could not be interpreted due to incorrect syntax or not recognized.

    5.5.3 Too many recipients

    The number of recipients is even greater than the number of recipients that only deliver the protocol

    5.5.4 Invalid Arguments

    Command inconsistencies were out of scope or unknown functionality was available

    5.5.5 Invalid protocol version

    A protocol design mismatch that cannot be answered immediately.

    5.6.0 Other media error or possibly not detected

    There is a problem with the content of all messages that could not be delivered.

    5.6.1 Media not supported

    Media is not only supported by the protocol or system that can compose an email.

    5.6. Second, conversion is required and not allowed

    The message must be changed before shipping / delivery, otherwise the item will not be delivered.

    5.6.3 Change required but not supported

    The message must be changed in order for transmission, although sometimes this is not possible.

    5.6.4 Lossy conversion done

    This is a warning that the sender may be lost when converting numbers.

    5.6.5 Conversion failed

    Message modification error

    5.7.0 Other or undefined protection status

    An error occurred while validating the certificate, which can be expressed by different status codes.

    error 5.5.0

    5.7.1 Unauthorized Delivery, Content Rejected

    Authentication failed because email was not sent.

    5.7.2 Extending the Denied Mailing List

    Sending e-mail to a specific recipient is not always allowed.

    5.7.3 Safe conversion routines required, but not possible

    The transformation was very important for sending emails securely, which is possibly not possible.

    5.7.4 Security Features Probably Not Supported

    End of delivery authentication is not supported.

    5.7. Cryptographic 5 different errors

    The message could not be decrypted because the key was incorrect and invalid.

    5.7.6 Supported Cryptographic Algorithm

    Unable – The message is decrypted because the algorithm was probably not supported.

    5.7.7 Message Errors

    Health message literally corrupted or altered

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