Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting Hard Drive Formatting In Windows 8

If you see how to format a hard drive in Windows 8, the guide below can help you.

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    Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and press the X key at the same time.Right-click most of the drives that need additional formatting and select Format.Next to “Volume Name”: enter the name you want to give the drive anyway.On the next screen, select OK – Finish Formatting.

    how to format hard drive in windows 8

    Formatting procedure in ExFAT or NTFS under Windows 8.1.

    Step 1

    backs up all data on the drive you want to format. In the Windows startup video, click the search icon and type “format to disk” in the search box. Select “Create and format disk partitions”. The Disk Management utility will open.

    Select “Create and format disk partitions”.

    2nd Step

    Click on the drive you want to format. Note that in most cases “Disk 0” can be the drive with Windows as the operating system.ems. If you want to format this particular drive, consider reinstalling Windows.

    Select the drive you really want to format.

    Step 3

    Click on the main Action Menu, select All Tasks, and then click Delete Volume…. The selected disc has pigmented diagonal stripes.

    Step 4 “Yes”

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  • Click on someone’s warning that all data in a particular partition will be deleted. After the actual seconds, the volume is irrelevant. The drive now correctly appears as unmapped in the Disk Management window.

    How do I clear C drive in Windows 8?

    Click Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools.Click Disk Cleanup.In eachFrom the drive list, select the drive families on which you want to run Disk Cleanup.Select the files you want to delete along the OK.Click Delete Files.

    Disk Management warns that all data on the partition must be lost.

    One Step

    Select the drive you are formatting, whether it is already selected or not. Click on the “Action” menu and then on “All Tasks” in combination with “New Simple Volume”. The New Simple Volume Wizard opens. Note that advanced users have more options as if the disk were part of a good array, such as creating a new persistent volume,striped volume, mirrored volume, or Raid-5 volume.

    Create a new simple volume

    2nd Step

    In the general wizard for creating a simple volume, click Next to set the desired options.

    The Create Simple Volume Wizard opens.

    Step 3

    Specify how many times space will be used in the new person volume by typing a value in the text box. If we’re just creating a volume, maybe a partition on a disk, this selection should be the same as most of the maximum space listed above. Click Next.

    Step 4

    Select the drive letter your computer prefers for this drive. If you don’t want to assign a letter, just click “Don’t assign a drive letter or drive path”. Advanced users may also prefer to back up the drive to an empty ntfs folder. Click Next.

    Step 5

    How do I completely Format a hard drive?

    Right-click the primary drive and select Format. Enter a very specific name for the drive in the volume label, and select a range of formats from the Engine File System drop-down menu. click OK. It will take you some time to delete all these files and change the format of your hard drive.

    Select the music file system for the volume. Your options are: Or exfat NTFS. Use ExFAT if you want to share documents with a Mac; otherwise ntfs is the better choice. UnlikeFrom its predecessors, ExFAT can support NTFS-equivalent volume sizes, allowing for an addition of 256 TB, however it is not as secure as NTFS and does not save on file-level encryption, system, and native data compression. Mac computers cannot write transferred files to an NTFS drive.

    Step 6

    how to format hard drive in windows 8

    Choose our “Perform a quick format” option if part of the disk contains no personal information or if you are using generation for personal use. A quick format only takes a few minutes, but the data it leaves behind can now be easily recovered by any other user with the right software. The standard format takes much longer, but every byte is erased in such reports. Optionally, select the Include file and compression folder option. Enter the term a for volume and click Next.

    Change the summation label, if necessary.

    Step 7

    How to format hard drive partition in Windows 8?

    Open Windows 8 Disk Management by simply pressing “Windows + R” and typing “diskmgmt.msc”. Right-click on the required disk partition (here D) and select “Format…” from the drop-down menu. In the pop-up window, you can select the partition label, NTFS and/or FAT32 file system and change the package size.

    Click Done after viewing the designs applied to the resulting volume. If you want to convert something, click the button.Click “Back” and format the drive again.

    Close the New Simple Volume wizard by clicking Finish.

    Step 8

    Select a different disk or volume style to close or exit Disk Management.

    How to format an external hard drive in Windows 10?

    Step 1: Open Windows Explorer, you will see all snapshots (including external hard drive, USB drive, etc.) on laptop or desktop computer. Now we need to right click on our drive and choose “Format” to get a working window. Note. This method is not suitable for a new difficult path.

    The drive is probably formatted and all data will be erased.


    When designing a drive to give to a friend, or when disposing of a drive with confidential offers, you often need to turn off the Quick Format option, which allows Windows to do a full format because of this. However, even a full format can not only make the data completely unrecoverable. The only way to be 100p. C some data that cannot be recovered should destroy our own drive.

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