Tips For Fixing PHP Contact Form Error Checking

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    Sometimes your system may show an error that the PHP contact form is being checked for errors. There can be several reasons for this problem. Introduction to the PHP Feel Form The contact form allows site visitors to leave messages. Typically, a contact form has Name, Email, Subject, and Message Port fields. Visitors must complete these fields and click the Submit (or Submit) button to post.

    In our own script below, we check each individual field and then submitWe send an email using the PHP mail() function. In addition, the person’s sender receives a copy of their email.

    Conclusion. That’s all there is to PHP contact form validation. I hope you will like it. Keep reading all other blogs and articles leaving us valuable feedback.

    Why is my PHP form not working?

    Your host cannot send emails using PHP, or is configured incorrectly. In any case, contact and discuss with your host to test PHP’s mail() capabilities. You can give them a website for your courier test. php when you need to show that you tested it with another script and it just doesn’t work.

    PHP contact with form validation

    PHP Contact Form With Validation

    How can you validate the form data in PHP?

    $name is equivalent to $_POST[“name”];if (!preg_match(“/^[a-zA-z]*$/”, $name))$ErrMsg = “Only letters and spaces are allowed.”;echo $ErrMsg; differentecho $name;

    [emailprotected][w-]+.[w-]+)/”,$email))$headers= $name.”<". $email ">“;$headers means “”; /* Prepare speech for writing */$msg is equal to “Hello! $name Thank you…! For contacting us.Name: $nameEmail: $ emailTarget: $targetMessage: $messageThis became a contact confirmation email. We will contact you as soon as possible.”;$msg1 = $name ” contacted us. Here is some information about $name.Name: $nameEmail: $ emailTarget: $targetMessage: $message “; /* Send advertisement using mail() function */if(mail($email, $headers, $msg && ) mail(“[email protected]“, $header, $msg1 ))$successMessage means “Message sent successfully………”;different $emailError is equal to “Invalid email address”; // Filter functions for input values. function test_input($data)$data implies trim($data);$data = slash bars($data);$data =htmlspecialcharacters($data);returns $data;?> /* Under net good for google online used */URL @Import (;h2background color: #FEFFED;retard p: 15px 35px;Border: -10px -50px;text alignment: center;border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0;clockborder: -50px;border: 10px 0;Upper border: 1 solid pixel #ccc;wingspanRed color;various containersWidth: 960px;Height: 610px;border: 35px automatically;Font family: sans-serif;Reiwei section, .350px;Gasket: mainWidth: 10px 50px 30px;border: 2 solid gray pixels;border-radius: 10px;Font-family: ralway;Swimmer: left;input[type=text], textboxWidth: 97.7%;Height: 34px;left padding: 5px;top margin: 5px;bottom margin: 5px;border: 2px solid #ccc;Color: #4f4f4f;Font size: 16px;border-radius: 5px;text zoneResizing: no;Height: 80px;labelColor: #464646;text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #fff;Font size: 14px;font weight: bold;.TP sendPadding: 10px;text alignment: center;Font size: 18px;background: linear gradient (#ffbc00 5%, #ffdd7f 100%);border: fixed 2px #e5a900;Colour: #ffffff;font weight: bold;cursor: pointer;Text-shadow: 0px 1px 0px #13506D;Width: 5px; one hundred%;Border Radius:.Submit:Hoverbackground: linear gradient (#ffdd7f 5%, #ffbc00 100%);

    Therefore, the following chapters show strategies for using PHP to validate method data.

    Check PHP Form

    How do you validate a contact form?

    Create any HTML code for the contact form.Read contact form views.Check values ​​against form fields.Use any type of values ​​from the form (so you submit to the server, display the values…)

    The HTML form that most of us will work with in these chapters contains several input fields:required in addition to the optional text fields, radio buttons and submit button:

    Field Validation rules Name Required. + Must contain only letters and spaces email Required. .+ .Must .contain a .valid .e-mail address .(with [email protected] .and ..) website Optional. If they are, they must contain a valid URL Comment Optional. Multiline input field (text field) Sex Required. You must choose one


    First, you should familiarize yourself with the simple HTML rules for the form:

    Text Fields

    Name fieldsOthers”, “Newsletter” and “Website” are elements of the original text, and the commentaryThe field can be a text field. The HTML code looks like this:


    Gender fields have always been radio buttons, and the HTML prefix looks like this:

    Form Element

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  • When a form is submitted, the form history is submitted with the parameter method=”post”.

    In$_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”] has always been a superglobal variable that contains the filenamethe script is running.

    So $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”] submits the form data independently to the page instead of navigating to another page.This way, the user is sure to get error messages on the same page as the form.

    php contact form error checking

    Running htmlspecialchars() converts special characters to HTML formats.This means HTML characters such as < > and characters with < and >.This prevents attackers from using code when injecting HTML or Javascript.(cross-site scripting attacks) in forms.

    An Important Note About PHP Form Security

    If PHP_SELF is used for your page, then the user can certainly enterforward slash (/), but even in this casesome cross site scripting (XSS) commands to run.

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a security hole in computers.usually stumbled across the Internet in applications. XSS allows attackers to inject on the client sideScript of web pages viewed by other users.

    Suppose many people have the following form in history called “test_form.php”:

    Now when the driver enters a normal URL, he likes the corresponding address bar.””, code translated to:

    php contact form error checking

    However, make sure the user enters the following URL into the address bar:

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