How To Fix PS3 Dump File Issues

If you receive a PS3 dump file error, today’s guide has been written to help you.

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    Competitive games for PS3 are available in two formats: true physical Blu-ray discs and PSN digital titles. For Blu-ray discs, resetting means decrypting the Blu-ray image and deleting all the files it contains, while for getting PSN packages, downloading the original game archive (.rap).

    This guide explains how to get 3 Xbox 360 (PS3) games and then use someone else’s saves with RPCS3. Often referred to as a dump, this process also involves different processes depending on the format of your game. PS3 games are available in two formats:Blu-ray and physical discs, PSN digital packs. For Blu-ray discs, resetting the matches, decrypting the Blu-ray image, and extracting all files from it, while for PSN packages, this includes downloading some of the original game files (.pkg) that are being created, and therefore the required license file (.rap).


    Before some of us get started, read the Quick Start brochure to get familiar with working with PS3 games. Most of the customized tools and information are already there. This guide is intended to explain exactly what is included in the quick start guide and help users avoid common mishaps. If after reading this guideIf you have any questions, feel free to join the system on our Discord server and team up with community members.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your PC

  • There are several ways to save game files for each format:

  • To copy games to disc, owners can use PS3 custom firmware (CFW) or a PC-compatible Blu-ray player.
  • In order to dump PSN social games, you will need PS3 CFW firmware, possibly original (OFW) PS3 firmware to extract license files.
  • In any case, it’s best to use CFW for PS3. Users wishing to use PS3 CFW should check out the r/ps3homebrew wiki where there are many CFW guides that are usually updated with accurate information.

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    ps3 dump file

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    Following these instructions, you begin to act on your own. If you follow these instructions against your good faith, we cannot be held specifically locally responsible for your actions.

    Blu-ray Game Dump

    As mentioned above, you can back up your game disc to CFW PS3 or PC using one compatible Blu-ray drive. Let’s look at each option:

    Use CFW PS3 To Dump Games To Disk

    What is PS3 disc dumper?

    It has always been a small utility for encrypting decrypted copies of PS3 sports discs, suitablefor use in emulators. Requires compatible Blu-ray player and CD key to function.

    Can I dump PS3 pre-production press builds?

    Some PS3 pre-releases that are NOT -R (but are standard PS3 Blu-rays) should be discarded just like any full PS3 game disc (demo). Resetting your PS3 console is the most affordable option because A) the hardware is readily available from reputable stores, and B) allows your entire family to dump disk keys.

    This method is the most reliable method for burning a game to disc, as it is guaranteed to work with any PS3 game to disc, which the second method cannot guarantee. However, as part of the dump process, you are limited by the transfer rate of the PS3 Blu-ray player, so this method may take longer than using a specific PC. If you are unsure about installing with or any of the tools below, run search the r/ps3homebrew wiki.

    1. Install the multiMAN file manager.
    2. Insert your game into PS3.
    3. Launch MultiMAN
    4. Highlight the current drive and click Triangle, then just click Copy to Hard Drive.
      This will probably output your game files in any JB folder format.
    5. Choose where the client wants to save your dump. Sometimes it can be your PS3 bulk storage or external hard drive.
    6. (Optional) You can set up an FTP connection between the PlayStation 3 and the PC.
      In general, the FTP method is the fastest option. If you’re using FTP, make sure Binary is selected as the transfer type, otherwise your dumps will be corrupted.
    Note. The PlayStation is fully formatted with the FAT32 file system. This means that the PS3 has a maximum size of 4 GB. When dumping content containing files larger than 4 GB, multiMAN does automatically separate those files. After transferring the dump to your PC, don’t forget to merge the split files using tools and devices like ps3merge, otherwise the press releases won’t work.

    Using A Blu-ray Compatible Player From A PC To Copy Games To A Blank Disc

    This is the second method when you want to output games to disc and is useful for those who may not have a CFW-PS3. Note, however, that this method facilitates working with requirements:

    1. A Blu-ray player of the same value is required. This means that not all Blu-ray players can be used, only those specifically designed for PS3 discs. A list of connected drives is available in our Quick Start Guide. Note that this is of course not an exhaustive list, but rather a list of detected drives known to work. Players that may not be on this list may work if they have a Mediatek chipset and +6 read latency.
    2. This model requires a foreign key to decrypt the drive. This can only be described as possible if your game has:
    3. An .ird file available in Jonny’s IRD library that matches the name of your ID decryption mission.
    4. Key provided by Redump. These keys are currently notAll are public, but can still be used with our one-click disk dump method, as shown below.

    How to dump disc games on PS3?

    Using the CFW PS3 to Save Games to Disc 1 Install the multiMAN file manager. 2 Insert a disc into PS3. 3 Highlight the multiMAN game disc by holding down the Triangle button and select Copy. You can create an ISO format or a catalog layout of your game formats.4Choose a location to save the dump.

    If you know and have confirmed that you have a compatible Blu-ray drive, there are two recommended tools you can use to get rid of the disc:

    ps3 dump file

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