After Resetting BIOS Password On Dell Optiplex Sx280?

If you get error message about resetting BIOS password for dell optiplex sx280, this user manual should help you.

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    This video shows tips for opening the chassis and, if necessary, removing the BIOS password on all Dell Optiplex GX280 computers.

    reset bios password dell optiplex sx280

    I bought an old Dell Optiplex GX280 at various flea markets, at home I tried to boot from the correct USB drive to install the new operating system. Unfortunately this GX280 has not been licensed. I just go into BIOS setup because there is a “supervisor password” set.

    For very personal computers, you can reset all BIOS settings (including administrator password) by simply removing the CMOS (CR2032) from the motherboard For a few seconds, and then putting everything back in place. This does not apply to Optiplex

    To be sure there is an extra option for this Dell, there is a PSWD hoodie that is usually found next to the power connector on the motherboard. After the usual removal of the jumper, BIOS security can be reset using a daily “battery routine”.


    reset bios password dell optiplex sx280

    1. Shut down the entire computer.
    2. Disconnect the power cord.
    3. Open the housing.
    4. Remove the CMOS battery.
    5. Remove the PSWD jumper near the motherboard power connector.
    6. Install the CMOS battery.
    7. Close all cases.
    8. Connect the power cord.
    9. Start your computer and press F2 on the market to enter BIOS settings.

    This Is The Video: