Sniffing With Winsock? Repair Immediately

Today’s User’s Guide is designed to help you if you receive an “Analyzing with Winsock” error message.

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    Create a fully fledged raw socket.So, bind the socket to the local IP address from which all traffic should be listened to.Call WSAIoctl () on the socket with SIO_RCVALL selection to enable it to sniff.Place the current take in an infinite recvfrom loop.

    SocketSniff v1.11
    Copyright (c) 08-2014 Nir Sofer

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    SocketSniff allows you to view the Windows Sockets (WinSock) activity associated with the selected process.
    For each socket created, the following information is processed and displayed:Socket type, local and remote socket supports local and remote ports, total send / receive bytes, and more.You can also send or call the content of both, receive it in ASCII mode or as a hex dump.

    System Requirements

    This utility works best on Windows 2000, Windows Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows (32-bit only).Older versions of Windows are usually not supported.In the x64 version of Windows SocketSniff can only work with 32-bit PCs grams.

    Version history

    • Version 1.11:
      • Fix SocketSniff BSOD left when trying to insert smss on.exe (note that Socketsniff still cannot hijack some smss.exe processes)
    • Version 1.10:
        Added command line selection

      • / Start to start the socket detector command line.
    • Version 1.08:
      • Issue fixed: on operating systems with multiple monitors, dialog boxes for SocketSniff were opened on the wrong sensors; the corresponding main window is located instead of the monitor.
    • Version 1.07:
      • Virus fixed: on some Windows 7 systems SocketSniff could not connect and the task caused them to crash.
    • Version 1.06:
      • Added horizontally for successful bottom scrolling.
    • Version 1.05:
      • SocketSniff also works straight away on Windows 7.
    • Version 1.02:
      • SocketSniff will automatically terminate at this point when the process that you are unfortunately checking out is finished.
      • SocketSniff already remembers the last sort in the selected dialog process.
    • Version 1.01 – additional information about error 65521.
    • Version 1.00 – First version.

    Using SocketSniff

    SocketSniff does not force installation of process or verbose DLL files.To get started, just run the exe file – SocketSniff.exe
    When the operation is complete, select the story you want to view and click OK.You must select a process that has already downloaded the archives, otherwise the action will fail.After clicking OK, SocketSniff will display the Windows socket activity for the selected process; Bosses
    The window displays a list of all created sockets.If you select the socket at the top of Lite, the Discover and Send calls will usually be at the bottom.selected take.

    Using SocketSniff in Windows Vista

    SocketSniff works fine under Vista even with UAC (User Account Control) built as long as the process the client wants to check is executed using the same account and security contextSocketSniff. However, if you want to view the process that is running under itAdministrator account, you also need to be logged in as Socketsniff administrator.(Right clickClick on SocketSniff.exe and select “Run as administrator”)

    Start capturing from command line sockets

    As of version 1.10, you can process bootsockets using the / Start switch.You can specify methods of filename or process id, for example:
    Run SocketSniff.exe / Firefox.exe
    SocketSniff.exe / Start 4722

    Translate SocketSniff into different languages ​​

    To translate SocketSniff into another language, follow these instructions:

    1. Start SocketSniff with the / savelangfile parameter:
      SocketSniff.exe / savelangfile
      A manual SocketSniff_lng.ini entry is created in the SocketSniff utility folder.
    2. open the desired language file in Notepad to open it in another text editor.
    3. Translate many string entries into any language you want.if you wish, you can also add your name and / or a link to the new website. and(TranslatorURL values ​​of the translator name) If you add this information, it is most likelyused in “about” glass window.
    4. After you finish interpreting, run SocketSniff and everything will be interpreted.Channels are loaded from an English file.
      Ес And you want to run SocketSniff without translation, just rename or move the current language fileon the market in a different folder.


    This utility is released as freeware.They can help you use this utility from a weak floppy disk, CD-ROM,Internet or whatever if you don’t charge for it.When distributing this utility, you really need all files to be inmotion package, without any modifications!


    The software is now provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.including, but not limited to, the implied extended warranties of merchantability and fitnesswith a specific purpose. The author disclaims all responsibility in the event of any special damage, even accidental,consequential damage resulting from data loss or other reasons.


    If people have a problem, comment, idea, or find a bug with my utility,You can send any message to