Repairing And Troubleshooting File Picker Closed Unexpectedly Due To Windows Error

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    If the file picker on your computer closes unexpectedly due to a Windows error code, you should check out these repair tips.

    I got this error on the go when trying to save a file from the Internet (Firefox encounters this error, i.e. a gross failure)

    There are also some strange bugs in other programs (not too bad)

    – Searching all indexes in the start menu crashes explorer.exe

    The only changes I’ve made today is usually replacing shell32.dll version 5744 with label 6000?

    I’m having problems opening and saving files. If you try to open the file and save the file in multiple packages, your current program will terminate abruptly without even an error message. Only Firefox believes in errors: “The file picker was closed unexpectedly by the Windows process” when I tried, so you can right-click “Save As” in the image search. I think the problem came when a similar event happened when I tried to save an image directly from the internet two days ago, mainly because other programs had problems registering and opening.

    the filepicker was unexpectedly closed by windows error

    I continue to run several antivirus scans There are malware scanners and found nothing. I also tried to restore the point over the weekend before the first symptom, and as a kitchen staff, I have not resolved anything.

    It looks like a lot of people have reported related symptoms online, but they don’t have an effective cure.

    1. Error message: Filepicker “Window closed unexpectedly.”

      Selecting a file (open / save dialog) crashes on every program attempt
      use. This means that I usually do not save files, cannot open files from
      open file> menu. I can’t save anything at all … I can’t open anything at all … I
      Unable to upload screenshots.

      This is a really fatal error and I cannot use my computer until it mentions it

      Already done:

      Google search – all solutions to no avail
      Virus check 0 – problems
      Spyware: 0 Issues
      Adware: 0 problems
      System Restore – No Effect
      Processingregistration fabric

      I tried to replace System32.dll but permission was still denied. (This could be the last one
      changed when worries started)

      Any help would be great.


      1. Andrew Freyer said:

        Error message: “Windows opened the file picker unexpectedly.”

        File Selection (Open / Save Dialog Box) is launched for every program that tries
        use. This means that I cannot save files, my friends cannot and I cannot open files
        Open from file> menu selection. I can’t save anything … I can’t open anything …
        I cannot upload more screenshots.

        Click to Expand …

        Are you sure the error message text is generally correct? Because
        “Select files” is not your usual Windows terminology, and I am not familiar with it
        The error message is everywhere Windows. If the error message looks like what you commented,
        it is the last non-Windows component of your system.(Macintosh People
        sometimes they say “file selection”).

        Likewise, system32.dll is definitely a file provided by Windows. Computer created
        The System32 subdirectory which contains the DLLs, but of course the System32.dll file is not there. A
        a quick google scan reveals that system32 this.dll is definitely a
        fileVirus related.

        So make sure your antivirus software is actually up to date (or * install *
        antivirus software if you don’t already have it). Then refuel,
        detailed system with a large scan volume.

        Then repair any damaged Windows stuff using the SFC command. Open
        Order as an operational administrator and execute:

        C: > sfc / scannow

        This may take a few minutes. SFC stands for System File Checker, ie
        Check system files and update any corrupted ones (based on hash
        file contents).

        In most cases, if that fails, you can try another system restore to the point where
        The problem begins when a person actsIviated System Restore.

        Hope this helps you

        Vista Discussion “General Windows Discussion” started by Andrew Freyer on September 12, 2007.

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        I know how this was the first step, but I always got this error when trying to use the “Open” command (common dialog in Windows) in an application type. I first encountered this approach error when I downloaded a directory from my email account and needed to save it to my laptop or computer. When it was time to report the Save Stimulus dialog box, this error appeared.

        (Not all of the text was in the chat window as a message, usually the error message was displayed in the title bar.)

        Programs can be Firefox, Notepad, Google Chrome, if not anything else that uses the Windows Common Open dialog box to open the file.

        I first searched the internet for a cure for this problem, but it probably didn’t work for me. Only one solution I thinkIt was not easy to fix the MRU list from the most recent (most frequently used) list in the open dialog by modifying the registry. Because part of the problem may be with a path in the MRU that is definitely missing from the hard drive. Everything except hexadecimal codes. So I looked at a portion of the registry. Then I decided that if the track was missing, then there would be no error, because I might have to open an open document (using the “Open” command of any application) from the location and delete it, and then use the “Open” command again; and this was not a mistake.

        Then I opened Notepad and hit the Open command, someone had a Notepad crash and I got two options:

        1. Find a cure online (I clicked on it but didn’t come up with a solution, which happens most of the timeev)
        2. Close the application (best of all).
        3. Debug the application.

        I have 2 first ones. make and Option then 1 uh then I decided to debug it!

        I opened the situation for debugging in Visual Studio 2010 and found that there was a problem with


        is used by most systems to display the Open Common dialog box for opening files. As a result, I came to the conclusion that the comdlg32.dll file must be damaged. However, there was no error in the Save Shared Items dialog either (I didn’t look at the other generic dialogs: Color, Font, and also Print).

        the filepicker was unexpectedly closed by windows error

        So now I need to remove comdlg32 Corrupted.dll with its good version. The problem may well be solved simply by downloading it from the dll download site, but that is risky. See, this can be risky.

        Windows has a System Checker File (SFC) software application [Windows 98 and later operating systems] that can search for corrupted Windows directories and replace them with the original computer data files from the Windows DLL cache, if necessary from the Windows installation disc.

        So, I opened the command line as admin nistrator and bought SFC / SCANNOW . It checked all files for system types and generated a log. I checked the log file and at the end determined which SFC thinks comdlg32.dll is corrupted.

        At the end of processing, a message was displayed during analysis because some files are damaged but cannot be replaced now. The most recent system restart is required. I restarted my computer and when it found it shut down, the comdlg32.dll file was safely replaced if the system displayed a message like “Please wait … Windows usually installs updates.

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